Our social responsibility

Corporate responsibility is must for modern companies and a keystone at Certex. Our work with business ethics and sustainability derives from four main aspects: social, environmental, economical and local.

An attractive employer

The best way for a company like Certex to thrive is with happy and skillful employees. That is why it is important to us to listen to our employees opinions and ideas. Every year we do an extensive employee survey, the insights are the foundation of our improvement work.


All employees at Certex are important and meaningful, no matter the gender, age, experience, education level or ethnic background.

We think it is important to acknowledge the benefits of diverse teams and actively counteract and prevent all kinds of discrimination, harassment and other offensive treatment in the workplace.


We are working with reducing our environmental impact within four areas: transportation (of people and goods), energy consumption, environmentally friendly products and recycling.

To reduce our impact we are mange projects in these specific areas, for example launching our first steel wire rope with biodegradable lubricant. We are striving to expand our environmentally friendly assortment as well as being certified according to ISO 14001.

By offering high quality services within inspection and maintenance we also help our clients increase the life span of the products.

You can read our Environmental Policy here.

Code of Conduct for suppliers

To clearly state our approach and the concrete consequences of our values we have created a Code of Conduct for our suppliers.

Our goal is to work closely and longterm with our suppliers to ensure that their employees are treated with respect and dignity, are working in safe conditions and that the manufacturing processes are in accordance with high environmental standards.

We expect suppliers and subsuppliers of Certex to follow our Code of Conduct.

Local engagement

We think it is important to engage in the local community where we as a company operate and influence. We are happy to support local organisations and projects regarding for example sports, education or environment in the cities where we are operating.