With the new carabiner series DOUBLE, SKYLOTEC provides a solution for all those who work and climb left-handed or use both hands. With the innovative design (180° spring rotation), the sleeve that closes the gate can rotate in both directions. Conventional Twist / TriLock carabiners can be turned only to the right; therefore, they are more difficult to use left-handed.

  • Material: Aluminium.
  • Marking: According to standard, CE-marked, Supplier symbol, art no, standards, max. load.
  • Standard: EN 362B + EN 12275H
Double carabiners
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Part Code Min. breaking force
Size Breaking load horizontal/open
Max Opening
19.09H-176-TRI-PK 24 112 X 76 mm 9 kN/7 kN 21 0,09
19.09H-176-TW 24 109x58x12,7 9 kN/7 kN 85
19.09H-173-TW 22 112x76 9 kN/7 kN 90
19.09H-173-TRI 22 112x76 9 kN/7 kN 91