Rescue Kit D4

The Rescue Kit D4 is a complete kit and contains:
D4 Rescue device A-034-OR
2 carbiners (Stak Tri & Ovaloy Tri)
11 mm static rope R-079-WE at your selected length
Rope bag ACS-0009 (size depending on rope length)

Extra info D4 device: The D4 Work/Rescue device is an innovative product destined to be used on ropes with 10,5-11,5 mm diameter. It allows the abseiling of 2 Persons with a total weight of max. 240 kg and therefore can be used for pick off rescues when needed. The lever allows a a very precise control when descending , even with two persons. The D4 has a double safety feature; the anti-panic function stops the descent when pushing too hard on it, and when letting go the lever, it will also stop and keep the user safe from falling.

Abseiling speed: 2 m/s.
Max. number of persons: 2.
Max. rated load: 240 kg.
Weight: 0.66 kg.
Temperature from: -40°C up to +40°C.

  • Material: Aluminium (Anodised).
  • Marking: According to standard
  • Standard: EN 12841


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