General: Contains 4 load binders and 4 chain slings 3,5 m. The load binders grab hooks can be placed on suitable location along the chain sling.
Design load binders: Load binder type "rigging screw" with ratchet shank.
Design chain slings:
Short link chain with welded lashing hook in each end.
Material chain sling: Alloy steel grade 8. Not to be heat-treated.


  • Finish: Painted.
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Part Code Code LC (kN) LC (daN) Min. breakingforce
Load binders code Load binders take up (mm) Chain sling code Chain sling chain Ø (mm) Chain sling breaking force (kN) CAD
14.12LB1010 LB1010 63 6,400 147 3,913 200 KL-138.1035G 10 126
14.12LB1313 LB1313 100 10,200 205 3,916 200 KL-138.1335G 13 212
* Load lashing capacity (LC).

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