We take responsibility for our products throughout the value chain by setting requirements for our products and providing the conditions for long-term safety and sustainability through training and service. With our expertise and experience, we can help our customers to reduce their environmental impact. 


In line with our Lifting KnowHow promise, we always help our customers to choose the most suitable product for the application. With our expertise, the customers can feel comfortable that they are offered safe products with the right level of quality, ensuring smoothly running operations with products that lasts. Through our service offer, we aim for the longest possible lifetime of our products. In addition, with our range of services, we can help customers to make a correct judgement if it's time to exchange the products or not – both in terms of safety and sustainability.

”As a CERTEX customer, you should feel confident that you are getting a product that meets high standards in terms of both quality, safety and sustainability. We take our responsibility as a company both to meet the requirements today, but also to ensure long-term sustainability”

Emma Max, Marketing Manager CERTEX

From linear to circular

By providing more sustainable offers, and together with our customers explore new alternative business solutions, we can contribute to a more efficient use of resources as well as enable cost reductions. We continuously seek for partnerships leading to product and service innovations with a reduced environmental footprint. The long-term target is to only put products on the market that are possible to reuse or recycle and thereby contribute to a circular material stream. Of course, without sacrificing either quality or safety levels.