Reducing the environmental impact of our own operations is part of sustainable business. With our values Making things happen, Far-sighted and Good to work with as guiding principles, we continuously improve our sustainability performance to set the foundation for a future both as a company and employer.


We have identified areas related to sustainability risks and at the same time the areas which offers opportunities.

We have defined KPIs for our own operations, covering areas such as energy, waste management and transportation, with the target to minimize our environmental footprint. To ensure continuous improvements within the area, we are certified with the environmental standard of ISO 14001.Our work also follows our environmental policy for CERTEX Svenska AB.  


Sustainable collaborations

CERTEX wants to act sustainably on several levels. Therefore, we have also chosen to support and collaborate with organizations that run projects in the field of environment and social sustainability.



”Taking responsibility for our business related emissions is important to show both customers and employees that we do what we can to contribute to a sustainable future. The climate crisis is a global issue that we must solve together and take responsibility for in every action"

Håkan Donnerlid, Managing Director CERTEX

Safety first & engagement

At CERTEX, we always put safety first and our workplace should contribute positively on our colleagues´ wellbeing. All people involved in our business should be safe when being at work and our view of safety includes both physical as well as mental health. We are certified with the health & safety standard ISO 45001 to have a well-established method to assess risks on beforehand and to prove our systematic approach.

We want to be the most attractive employer in our industry. Therefore, we provide our employees group-wide people development programs and focus on workplace wellbeing as well as diversity and inclusion. 


Good to work with

One of our core values is to be Good to work with – both externally and internally. Our Code of Ethics is a guideline for ethical sound behavior for all employees. It is an extension of our core values, a simple map to what the company expects from us in various contexts of our everyday work. 

To ensure that our employees comply with our values and policies, there is a group-wide whistleblower service, managed by an external party. We urge all employees and partners to tell us about any actions that go against what we stand for as a company – it creates security and helps us achieve a good corporate culture.

Work helmets on container