About CERTEX Svenska AB

Leading supplier of complete solutions in lifting, steel wire ropes and service

CERTEX Svenska AB is one of Sweden's leading suppliers of complete solutions in lifting, steel wire ropes and service. In whatever forms lifting occurs in industry, in ports, on construction sites, in mines or in any other area, we at CERTEX have the products and services that make it possible. Steel wire ropes are our main product, which we then supplemented with about 7,000 other lifting-related products to cover most lifting needs directly from the shelf. In cases where our stocked products are still not enough, we use our European network of sister companies and suppliers to find the right product for a specific lift.

CERTEX Svenska AB has a long history in the Swedish market and was founded in 1904. Since 2007, we have been part of the Axel Johnson Group, where we belong to Axel Johnson International and the Lifting Solutions business area.


We value local presence

Our sales offices are located in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, but we also have local sales representatives around the country. You can find all our local sales representatives under Contact us. In order to offer a comprehensive service in Sweden, we also have a network of service buses with technicians who come to you as a customer and perform service and inspection of your products on site in your unique work environment. Our offices are specialists in the local market and adapt the range of products to the needs of the local customers. Our Lifting KnowHow, our products and services are here for you, whether you are in Malmö or in Luleå.


Customized products

In order to match the most complicated lifts, we have a design team in Varberg, where all types of lifting beams and tools are designed, tested and certified. The products are usually tailored completely to our customers' wishes. You can read more about our special products under Customized solutions, or contact our sales representatives for more information.

Part of something bigger 

24 companies, +100 service centers

Part of Lifting Solutions Group

As part of Axel Johnson International's Lifting Solutions business area, CERTEX Svenska is part of a group of 24 companies around Europe, all of which specialize in lifting equipment. In each country there is a local network of service units and service buses with extensive experience and access to the expertise of lifting experts throughout Europe. This gives us a breadth, both in terms of products and knowledge, and a unique opportunity to offer the best solution for each customer need.

19 countries

24 companies

1500 employees





We at CERTEX are convinced that sustainability is the key to a future-proof company. Read about how we are working towards a more sustainable future.


At CERTEX we have an explicit quality policy. We work daily to improve our work and our products, to meet our customers' requirements and wishes. Read more and download our quality policy.

Lifting KnowHow 

With a focus on expertise, quality, safety and service, we create the best lifting solutions for you as a customer. This, together with your knowledge, allows us to achieve safe lifting and strive to reduce the number of lifting-related accidents at Swedish workplaces. We call it The Lifting KnowHow.