Every link in the chain is important. In cooperation with our suppliers, we continuously improve the quality and safety level in our products and strive for a supply chain not harming either people or planet.


According to our experience, suppliers who score well on sustainability, do also score high on quality. Aspects that of course are important ingredients to be able to provide the Lifting KnowHow promise to our customers.

Since we are distributors, a major part of our products' sustainability impact from the production occur in our supply chain, in which we do not have the direct possibility to affect. However, we do not leave nothing to chance, and our supply chain is regulated by our Supply Chain program. The aim with the program, focusing on environmental and social aspects, is to define clear actions to get a production that do not harm either humans or nature. All our suppliers should acknowledge our Code of Conduct and for all suppliers in risk countries, we regularly perform sustainability audits, followed up with corrective action plans.

”If a supplier doesn’t act after our feedback and follow-up and fails to provide a safe and healthy workplace for its employees, then ultimately, we will end the cooperation”

Helen Qi, Axel Johnson International’s office in Ningbo, China

Local presence that gives results

To ensure quality and sustainability at the supplier level in the manufacture of our own brands in the Group, Axel Johnson International has a local office in Ningbo, China. Our local representatives work to ensure that our suppliers live up to our requirements. By being physically present at our suppliers, we can review the business and ensure responsible production, good working conditions and human rights in the supply chain – that the comply with our Code of Conduct.

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