CERTEX, together with its subsidiary Klätterteknik, offers several training courses in lifting and fall arrest. Whether you are a beginner and need a basic training in using lifting devices and lifting gear or fall protection, or if you want advanced education like IRATA Step 3, you will find these with us. Our courses can be held at your premises, or in any of our training locals - we adapt to what suits you and the education best.

During the three decades, when CERTEX has completed safety training in lifting cranes, traverses, trucks, lifts and height safety, we have been able to see positive developments in Sweden regarding serious accidents at our workplaces. Certainly, the number of fatalities has commuted in number over the years, but the trend has been that these terrible accidents have been statistically reduced.

We offer training in three areas: lift, fall protection and rope access. For booking or if you have any questions, please contact us at service@certex.se.

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