Some situations require unique lifting solutions, which the standard range of lifting components cannot meet. For these projects, CERTEX offers specially designed lifting beams and lifting tools adapted to your business and needs. Our design team has high competence and many years of experience in lifting and helps you through all parts of your project – from feasibility study, design, construction and testing to delivery.


You have the problem – we have the solution


Our team will help you from idea to finished product

You as a customer just need to know what to lift. Our sales team and our design team will help you with your lifting tool from the time the lifting need arises until the finished product is delivered.

We design, construct, calculate and manufacture products according to your needs and wishes. You contribute with the lifting problem and we provide a solution in a design that is adapted to acual regulations and the current situation's requirements for appearance and economy. Our designers work with you as the customer to develop the best solution for your particular lift.


What will you lift?

The right lifting tool for the task

We have solutions for all occasions and all types of lifting. The number of lifting cycles and the environment where the lifting is to be carried out determine which solution is best suited. We manufacture tools with functions that suit from daily use in the factory to design of specific lifts.

Depending on what you need for the specific lift, we produce:

  • Mechanical lifting tools
  • Motorized lifting tools
  • Tools with vacuum and magnetic lift

Accessories according to your needs

Whether you choose a beam in a standard version or if you order a completely customized lifting tool, we have accessories that optimize your lifts. Thanks to our wide range of lifting products, we can easily supplement your lifting tool with shackles, hooks, steel wire, chain or synthetic tools depending on the application and wishes.

For easier handling of your lifting tool, it can also be supplemented with stands, storage or transport solutions. This is designed and manufactured to order.

A product you can trust

You should feel safe with your CERTEX tool. We design, construct, calculate and manufacture products that meet the requirements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and we use the standard SS-EN 131 55. Through FEM calculations (Finite Element Method), we can test the strength of the product in the design phase. Based on the 3D model of the product, we test the load on the product and see how deformation occurs during heavy overloads. This allows us to identify problems at an early stage and adjust the design if necessary. Calculations and construction are checked by an additional party during the process, for your safety. Final approval is always done by you as a customer before the product goes on to manufacturing.

All our lifting tools are tested after manufacture. When we know that the product meets our high demands on quality and safety, delivery takes place to the customer. The lifting tools are delivered CE marked and with documentation and markings according to the requirements that exist according to the Machinery Directive and current standard. We also work according to the following standards and requirements when desired: DNV 2.22 / DNV 2.7-1 / DNV 2.7-3 / NORSOK R-002 / ASME B30:20 / KTA 3902 / AFS 2008:3 / AFS 2006:5 etc.

Consultation and feasibility study

We at CERTEX have over 100 years of experience in lifting, which we are happy to share with you as a customer. Our design team manufactures close to 1000 customized lifting tools every year and knows what is needed for each lifting situation. 

If you do not have help with the entire project, you can use us for consultation in the parts where you need expert help. We offer detailed feasibility studies where we produce sketches of different solutions and concepts. We present the solutions in 3D models and produce cost estimates for the project. Contact us below, and we will tell you more.


Standard lifting beams

CERTEX manufactures all types of lifting tools according to your needs, but we also have lifting beams in standard models. Some of these are available as stocked products and others are adapted to your needs regarding length and manufactured to order.

Contact us regarding your project

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