For over 50 years, Certex has supplied steel wire rope and lifting gear. Today we are one of the leading suppliers and are present in more than 40 locations around Europe.

We have extensive experience in the mining industry and staff dedicated for this particular industry. Regardless if you demand mining ropes, lifting equipment, steel wire rope inductive MRI inspection or other services, we have the skills required. We always strive to give you the best solution for your needs. The fact that we have delivered products and steel wire rope to the mining industry for more than 50 years has given us the knowledge and experience about which products that fit the best in those environments.

Product range

Certex offers a wide range of steel wire ropes and lifting equipment suitable for the mining industry, and our products are already used in one of the largest mining operations in Sweden.

Search in our complete product range, and if you are missing something or have questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Service range

In Certex range of services for the mining industry you will find steel wire rope inductive MRI, inspection services and technical support. We also have training in safe lifting, customized to meet your needs.

We are experts on steel wire ropes and offers control of your steel wire ropes with inductive MRI. With the help of it we can detect corrosion, thread breakage, and the cores condition, which enables you to have detailed information about the shape of your steel wire ropes. 

Contact us

Here you can contact us with any questions regarding the mining industry.