Manual Cargo bar: The patented lock mechanism makes this cargo bar unique. Compared with other shoring poles with cogs its enough to adjust it once. Also the cogs and spring are built in on this square cornered cargo bar, which makes pinch damages easier to avoid. The length are adjustable with help of the cog bar.
Gas suspension: Solid cargo keeper with gas spring. No outside cogs eliminates the risk of being pinched both when tensioning or releasing the shoring pole. It is tensioned or released with one movement of the handle which activates the gas spring which then lock or release itself. Oonces put in place,it has a constant pressure, wich follows the vehicle’s movements. A perfect tool for cargo shoring without using cargo restraint tracks.
  • Material: Aluminum/steel.
Manual cargo bar
Cargo bar gas suspension
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Part Code Code Description Dimension
14.5071084GAS1 70050 Cargo bar - gas suspension 1900-2550 7
14.5071084GAS 70051 Cargo bar - gas suspension 2350-3350 7
07.49LF710840 LF710840 Cargo bar 1900-2900 7
14.5071084LF LF710841 Cargo bar 2300-3100 7

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