• Not for lifting

General: The unique design of the Kwik-Loc wire rope clip allows for a fast and reliable way to suspend florescent lighting, sound systems, cable trays, fan units etcetera. Cable lock are to be used on static load applications only. To be used with wire rope 49 wires 7x7.
The Kwik-Loc clip also has the following advantages:
- No tools required
- Key-free release system

  • Finish: Galvanized
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Part Code Rope diameter
Typical applications Approximate recommended load
10.15KL050 1-1.2 Signs, lighting, gallery displays 3-10 / 5-15
10.15KL100 2-2.5 Fluorescent lights, speakers, busbar, cable tray 5-55 / 12-100
10.15KL150 2.5-3 Heavy cable baskets, HID lights 12-100 / 12-120
10.15KL200 4 Sound systems, Heavy cable trays 25-180