General: Applicated for general lifting purpose and on board on ships. The wire rope end has to be pushed through the block because of the missing possibility to open it. SWL refer to working load limit (WLL) in the wire rope (the concept SWL is only used on ships).
Design: Fitted plates on the sides without separate iron support. Bronze bussed sheaves of steel - our serie 8000. Derailment protection. Countersunk grease fitting in the shaft. The eye is turnable and flexible attached to the cross head. All the blocks are provided with becket (attatchment in the block for an additional wire rope part). The becket consist of an handle with hole for schackel bolt.

  • Material: High-tensile construction steel, forged eyes and cross head of steel, sheave bushing of red metal.
  • Marking: Type, WLL and max wire rope diameter.
  • Finish: Blue painted.
  • Note: The blocks can be manufactured with a hook instead of an eye. We also manufature loadblocks, guide pullies and pendant rope blocks and multiple sheave blocks.
  • Safety factor: 4:1
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Part Code Code Diameter
G (mm) SWL in rope tons D (mm) E (mm) K (mm) L (mm) A (mm) B (mm) Weight
16.1720E 20-Ö 12 1 18 0,5 125 105 110 210 60 34 4
16.1722E 22-Ö 14 2 18 1 150 125 115 235 58 26 6
16.1726E 26-Ö 17 3 23 1,5 200 170 155 325 72 32 12
16.1734E 34-Ö 23 5 28 2,5 250 210 190 390 94 40 21
Other dimensions and designs on request.

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