For use: Sling for timber packages.
Design: Spliced eye in each end or spliced endless.

*In combination with synthetic/soft slings always use a spreader with a length that corresponds with 2/3 of the average length of the packages.
*Make sure to place the slings so that the center point is in the middle.
*Do not place soft slings so that they can roll over/on the metal straps on the package.
*Never store or leave pp-slings for longer periods outdoors as polypropylene then ages and looses in capacity.
*Slings should always be inspected by authorized personal prior to use.
*Check the weight of the packages, average weight is not enough max weight must be checked.
*Avoid placing slings on the quay where they can be over run by trucks etc, over run slings should immediately be discarded.
*Don't forget to calculate for angels and deduct all loses for these, as well as for small radius of hooks etc.

  • Material: Polypropylene, 3 stranded rope.
  • Marking: The slings are provided with a brown label accordingly marked.
  • Safety factor: 6:1
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Part Code WLL
12.90PPS55517F 1.7
12.90PP55534F 3.4
* Other dimensions, working load and length on request.

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