General: The Steelite rope can in most cases replace the steel wire rope in winches, ropes for towing and also in theaters. The breaking force is the same as a steel wire rope of equivalent dimension but steelite also floats on water.

Design: 12 pleated (non rotating).

Markings: Steelite - black/lime, Steelite Xtra - black/pink.
Specific gravity: 0,97 (floats).
Melting point: aprox. 150°C.

  • Material: Dyneema® (SK60 or SK75), has very good resistance against UV-radiation, low water absortion and does not shrink in cold water.
  • Finish: White, coloured on request.
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Part Code Diameter
Min. breaking force
kg/220 m
Min breaking force
08.22ST12C2209 9 69.3 45 10 7,070
08.22ST12C2210 10 85.2 55 12 8,690
08.22ST12C2212 12 132 83 18 13,500
08.22ST12C2214 14 166 108 24 17,000
08.22ST12C2216 16 214 149 33 21,900
08.22ST12C2218 18 255 181 40 26,000
08.22ST12C2220 20 311 228 50 31,700
08.22ST12C2222 22 364 268 59 37,200

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