Certex offers a comprehensive range of stainless steel lashing, from 25 mm to 50 mm webbing in various lengths together with stainless steel ratchets and fittings. Stainless lashing is used in acid environment as well as where the risk of corrosion is high. Used in barns, silage pits and for marine use.

  • Note: Standard is with double hook, but can also be supplied with other fittings. Can also be supplied with Dry-band which is water and dirt repellent for a longer life cycle. Contact Certex direc
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Code LC
Width Length Design Min STF daN CAD
Hobby 250 stainless 2.5 250 0.5 25 0,3+4,7 Two part
Hobby 250 stainless 5 500 1 25 5 Loop
Handy 1000 stainless 10 1,000 1 25 0,5+4,5 Two part 200
Handy 1000 stainless 20 2,000 2 25 5 Loop 200
Lorry 1500 stainless 15 1,500 3 35 0,5+4,5 Two part 350
Lorry 1500 stainless 30 3,000 6 35 10 Loop 350
*Lashing capacity

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