Winner of the LEEA Sustainable Award 2023

We are pleased to announce that our Lifting Solutions Group was recently awarded the prize for the most sustainable product category in lifting equipment at the LEEA Awards 2023. Our groundbreaking POWERTEX r-PET products, with a documented reduced carbon footprint, were the winners.

The jury expressed, "Fantastic to see that POWERTEX have introduced a sling that can be made from recycled material and still meet standards. Hopefully we will see more of these across the industry." This award is not just a remarkable accolade but also a reminder of our company's strong commitment to sustainability and recognition of our innovative r-PET products.

Hugo Gerrets, Business Developer at POWERTEX, shares his enthusiasm: "We are very excited to have won the LEEA Sustainable Award for our Powertex textile slings and webbing, made entirely from recycled plastic (r-PET). This award reaffirms our commitment to a more sustainable future and serves as clear evidence of our efforts to develop more environmentally friendly products. The LEEA award is not only an achievement but also a source of inspiration for us to continue working towards a more sustainable offering for our customers."

Explore our range of r-PET products in our Aspire range™ category and learn more about our sustainability efforts here.

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