Design: Load carrying yarn covered with color coded double protection sleeve.

Stretch with working load: 2-3%.

Length tolerance: Nominal length (EWL) ±2%.

  • Material: Polyester. Resistant to most acids but not to strong alkalizes.
  • Marking: According to standard, The slings are provided with a blue label with manufacturer’s symbol, working load limit (WLL), length, CE marking and a label with handling instruction.
  • Temperature range: app. -40° - +100°C.
  • Standard: EN 1492-2
  • Safety factor: 7:1.
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Part Code WLL
RS01.PE 1
RS02.PE 2
RS03.PE 3
RS04.PE 4
RS05.PE 5
RS06.PE 6
RS08.PE 8
RS10.PE 10
RS12.PE 12
RS15.PE 15
RS20.PE 20
RS25.PE 25
RS34.PE 34
Other dimensions, WLL and special length on request.