General: Single- alt doubleweb. The ratchet has double hexagons. Easy to reach prestressing strength as the ratchet has close cogs (16 pcs), easy to release by foot.
Width of web: 60 mm.

Breaking force: See table.
Load lashing capacity (LC): See table.
Ratchet: See table.
Endfittings: See table.

  • Finish: Green.
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Part Code Code LC (kN) LC (daN) Length (m) Breaking force (kN) Breaking force (kP) Design Endfittings CAD
07.40TR12EL35E TRAIL.12EL035 5,000 500,000 0,5+3 117 12,000 1-part Elephantfoot-hook
07.40TR12LL35E TRAIL.12LL035 5,000 500,000 0,5+3 117 12,000 1-part Hook-hook
07.40TR20EL35D TRAIL.20EL035 8,000 800,000 0,5+3 196 20,000 2-part Elephantfoot-hook
14.02SH624FS0035GN TRAIL.20LL035 8,000 800,000 0,5+3 196 20,000 2-part Hook-hook
Load lashing capacity (LC).

Download CAD

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