General: Cut both hard-drawn wire like steel-, copper- and aluminum wires, electric cables and multi wire ropes. The cutting edges are shaped to form a grip of the rope, in shape of a triangle when cutting which prevents un-twisting of the rope end. The edges are made in alloy steel of coromanttype. The cutters are provided with plastic handles.

felco wiresaks c12
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Part Code Length (mm) Max cutting diameter Multi wire ropes (mm) Max cutting diameter Bracing wires (mm) Max cutting diameter Electrical cables (mm) Max cutting diameter Aluminum and copper (mm) Max cutting diameter Ironwire (mm) Max cutting diameter Harddrawn wire (mm) Weight
10.47C07 190 7 5 7 5 4 2,5 0.3
10.47C09 325 9 7 9 9 7 4 0.8
10.47C12 500 12 8 12 10 8 4 1.5
10.47C16 630 16 14 16 14 10 5 2.3

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