Long live the lifting tools! Thanks to Service and Inspection

Within the CERTEX service area Service and Inspection, a team of service technicians works with installation, inspection, and ongoing supervision of lifting and fall protection equipment. Joakim Hahne, service manager, talks about the importance of taking care of your lifting tools to avoid accidents and meet regulatory requirements.

What can you help your customers with?

- We offer complete solutions from the time the customer buys their equipment and throughout the life of the tool. This means that we carry out supervision and repairs of lifting and fall protection equipment, perform fall protection assembly, induction measurement and organize training.

Why is it necessary for a workplace in your field to do inspection and maintenance?

To ensure safety in the workplace. During inspection, we can draw attention to deficiencies that can lead to accidents and help our customers to meet regulatory requirements. It will be cheaper and safer to hire us than to pay sanction fees from an authority and have a potentially risky workplace.

What are the benefits of hiring your service?

- We have many competent service technicians around Sweden. We quickly solve the customer's problem, which means that our customers do not have to stop production while we are there. This makes us flexible and cost-effective. We also have a strong focus on sustainability. By hiring us for maintenance and repair, the customer does not have to dispose of lifting equipment unnecessarily.

Are there areas within your business where you can help customers, but which few customers take advantage of or know about today?

"Few know that we can offer a complete solution for customers through CertMax+, our system where the customer can follow their lifting equipment throughout its entire life. There are also few who know that we are specialists in fall protection assembly and offer training in fall protection and lifting.

How do you as a customer know that it is time for inspection or service?

- We have service coordinators who contact our customers in good time when it is time for continuous supervision of the tools. In addition, as I mentioned, the customer himself can log in and see the status of his equipment at any time.

What do your customers appreciate most in contact with you?

– That we provide quick answers and also our service technicians' knowledge, flexibility and commitment.

How would you describe the work of the service technicians?

 - It may seem easy to inspect things, but being a service technician is complex. Different manufacturers have different directives and training requirements for how the ongoing supervision should be carried out. We keep up to date and have the fingertip feel, which increases the efficiency of inspection and becomes cost-effective for our customers.

What are you most proud of?

- I am incredibly proud of our service technicians' willingness to develop and help our customers. We have managed to build a team where no one stands alone, but where you always have backup from the organization.