General: Man riding baskets can be used quickly and safely for temporary working at heights. Our man riding baskets are designed to be hung from a crane hook.
Design: Welded frame in hollow beam with the bottom and sides covered in expanded-metal mesh. Personal items of safety equipment can be attached to the inside handrail. The basket is supported underneath for easy handling by truck or forklift. A gate is provided on one of the short sides (see the respective model). The basket is supplied complete with a four leg wire rope sling and a masterlink type MLA.
BK-500: Supplied with inward-opening latching gate.
BK-1000: Supplied with inward-opening latching gate.
BK-1000E (Emergency): Identical to the BK-500 / BK-1000 above except that in an emergency the entire end gate can be opened outwards to provide access, eg, for a stretcher and medical equipment to be taken on board.

Proof: First inspection by accredited third party authority including certificate.


  • Material: Hollow-beam and plate of high-strength structural steel.
  • Marking: Sign according to standard for inspection mark.
  • Finish: Yellow painted.
  • Note: Before use basket and crane has to be initially inspected together.
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Part Code Code WLL
Basket weight
Max. number of persons A
Weight CAD
19.50BK0500 BK-500 0.5 220 2 1,240 1,000 600 2,000 3,100 690
19.50BK1000 BK-1000 1 350 4 2,000 1,200 700 2,100 4,470 1,300
19.50BK1000E BK-1000E 1 400 4 2,300 1,200 700 2,100 4,700 1,340

Other dimensions and designs are made by request.

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