General: NEO EP magnets are the professional solution for the frequent turning of workpieces. The electrical control allows the operator to turn the unit without any physical effort, even on hard to reach areas. The permanent magnet system can be activated via Pushbutton in 0.8 seconds, and when you turn off the workpiece is released safely. The connection is made easy to mains voltage. Thus, the device is ready for use with very low installation effort. If the power fails, the load is held by the permanent magnet field. For this, no prone- and maintenance-intensive back-up batteries are necessary.
Design: Very robustly built and designed for continuous use. Magnetic module in monoblock design.

  • Material: High-quality, recessed stainless steel button.
  • Temperature range: Material -10ºC up to +70°C, environment 0ºC up to +50°C. Beware of leaving the clamp in direct sunlight.
  • Finish: Painted.
  • Standard: EN 13155
  • Safety factor: : Minimum 3:1.
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Part Code Code number of poles Clamping surface (mm) Pole structure Breakaway (kN) W (mm) L (mm) H (mm) Weight
16.45NEOEP300 NEO EP 300 4 116x166 50 14 164 164 420 23
16.45NEOEP600 NEO EP 600 6 372x52 50 22 95 420 450 44
16.45NEOEP1000 NEO EP 1000 4 172x172 80 36 228 228 295 77
16.45NEOEP4000 NEO EP 4000 16 724x172 80 144 228 783 295 132

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