General: Plain trolley with capacity from 0,125 tons up to 5 tons. The standard trolley includes rubber bumper, safety lug and suspender.
  • Material: Pressed steel plate.
Plain Trolley TSP 0,125-3t
Plain Trolley TSP 5t
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Art No Standard Art No W30 I beam width range standard I beam width range W30 CAD
0.125 16.05TSP001SC 16.05TSP0012C 50-163 164-305
0.25 16.05TSP003SC 16.05TSP0032C 50-163 164-305
0.5 16.05TSP005SC 16.05TSP0052C 50-163 164-305
1 16.05TSP010SC 16.05TSP0102C 58-163 164-305
1.5 16.05TSP015SC 16.05TSP0152C 82-204 205-305
2 16.05TSP020SC 16.05TSP0202C 82-204 205-305
2.5 16.05TSP025SC 16.05TSP0252C 82-204 205-305
3 16.05TSP030SC 16.05TSP0302C 82-204 205-305
5 16.05TSP050SC 16.05TSP0502C 100-204 205-305

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