These steel wire ropes are especially targeted towards use in theaters and scenes. We offer dimensions from 1,5mm up to 8mm, fiber core or steel core with a lot of different constructions to suit your needs. Steel wire ropes are tested to have the highest quality, and are coloured black through a chemical process.

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Code Diameter
Min breaking force 1960 N/mm²
Steel Area
6x19-WSC/133-tr Black 3 6,39 4,51 3.4
6x19-WSC/133-tr Black 4 11,4 8,44 6.1
6x19-WSC/133-tr Black 5 17,7 11,98 9.5
6x19-WSC/133-tr Black 6 25,5 17,41 13.7
6x19-WSC/133-tr Black 7 34,8 22,43 18.7
6x19-WSC/133-tr Black 8 45,4 29,35 24.4
6x19-WSC/133-tr Black 10 71,0 47,29 38.1

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