• Not for lifting
  • Ordinary right hand lay
  • Galvanized
  • Not to be used with swivel

A galvanized rope equipped with a Steel core (WSC) and a transparent Polyamide/Nylon-coating. It can be used for various applications such as locking rope, signaling devices, etc but not for lifting.

  • Rope construction: 6x7-WSC
  • Marking: According to standard
  • Temperature range: App +120°C
  • Finish: Polyamide/Nylon-coated
  • Standard: EN 12385-4
    except from coating
  • Fill factor: 0,55
  • General use Wire for general use
PVC Stainless steel AISI 316 6x7-WSC, 7x7 and 7x19 wire rope core structure
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Part Code Rope diameter
Inner diameter
Tensile strength
Steel Area
Min. breaking force
Colour Weight
01.G70049022E 2,5 1,6 1 770 1,11 1,76 transparent 1,1
Other dimensions and colours on request.