Wire Rope Sheave 6800-K Ball Beared

General: The sheaves are intended to cranes and elevators where the standard specifications for the crane ropes are applied and for other installations where lenient service are desired. Relation between diameters are app. 20 (wire rope Ø x 20 = ØE), which answers to the demands on machine group 2m.
Design: 6806-K to 6810-K are turned, the larger dimensions are cold formed or rolled from steel which result in stabil design and low weight. Even and smooth marks which spare the wire rope. Welded ball bearing nave which can easily be adapted to the customer wishes. The ball bearings have double rubber packings (design 2RS) and shall not be lubricated.
This model is also avaliable with tightening cover and radial sealing.

  • Material: High-tensile construction steel.
  • Finish: 6806-K to 6810-K are yellow zincified, larger dimensions are painted.


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