• Not for lifting

General: Splice stockings intended for splicing steel cable and wire that require large pulling forces, which are difficult to grip. Consists of two LE socks that are assembled in half with a steel cable. When changing a wire rope of 6 - and 8-wires you should use two LE-socks intertwined with minstrel used to prevent any torque to be transferred to the new wire rope.

  • Rope construction: : Braided - triple, double and single.
  • Material: : Steel wire - galvanized.
  • Warning: Margin of safety is applied to all specified breaking loads. Additional safety factors, depending on area of ​​use should be applied. CERTEX recommends a safety factor of 3:1 for horizontal pulls and 5:1 for overhead pulling. The breaking load varies with the material, shape, and also the diameter of the product.


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