Sustainability Highlights of 2023

As a part of the Lifting Solutions Group, we at CERTEX are committed to sustainability, quality, and safety in everything we do. Every sixth months we follow up on our results within these areas in order to improve our customer offer even further. During the past year we have made many accomplishments within sustainability that we are very proud of. We want to give you an insight on some of the highlights: 

Supplier engagement: An updated version of our Supplier Code of Conduct has been launched, reflecting our ongoing commitment to responsible business practices, respectful treatment of individuals, and environmentally conscious manufacturing. 

Auditing Progress: We've successfully conducted audits for 91% of our groups suppliers in risk countries*, this to control that there are no severe violations towards our Supplier Code of Conduct. Our goal is to reach 100% by next year.
* Risk countries are defined based on several sustainability-related risks. The KPI measures the share of suppliers of our own produced products, i.e. brands that an LSG company own. 


Renewable Energy Commitment: Renewable energy now powers 86% of our operations. Despite challenges in some geographical areas, we're on track to hit 90% by 2024. 

Carbon Footprint Strategy: We've calculated CO2e in Scope 3 for the group and the hotspots are identified, paving the way for targeted action plans. 

Innovative Product Launch: Our product brand Powertex launched textile products made of recycled polyester and was honored with the sustainability award from LEEA. We also launched Aspire range™ to make it easier for our customers to make a fact-based and more sustainable choice.  


Circular Economy Growth: Within the Lifting Solutions Group our rental business has grown by 78%, and our service business has grown by 17%. Showing our commitment to the circular economy and promoting the refurbishment and reuse of lifting equipment.  

Low-Emission Transportation: Electric vehicle usage in our fleet has increased by 85%, underscoring our commitment to reducing transportation emissions. Despite the growth in EV usage, traditional combustion engine vehicles still make up the largest portion of our business travel. 

Safety First: In addition to our focus on enhancing our customers’ occupational health and safety, we also prioritize creating a safe working environment for our colleagues. During the year, we had 2,2 recordable injuries per 200,000 working hours, and we remain committed to our vision of zero accidents. 

Diversity and Inclusion: Women now represent 23% of our management teams in the group, with 27%