Open Swage Socket Talurit® STTF

The STTF swage terminals are validated according to the TALURIT® system for mechanical splicing. Swage terminals are made from special high-quality carbon steel. Controlled mechanical properties by our special treatment for cold swaging.

The STTF swage terminals have an efficiency rating of more than the required 90% of MBL according to the type testing requirement of the EN 13411-8 standard, which includes fatigue testing. In many cases and by ordinary break tests it is common to reach 100% based on the catalog strength of the wire rope. 

Swage terminals or sockets have a wide range of applications from stay wires in bridges to crane ropes and pendant lines. As per the TALURIT system validation, we can offer a range that is suitable for many types of special wire ropes with high tensile grades. T

  • Features: STTF is approved for up to 2160 tensile grade wire ropes.
  • Material: TALURIT-Steel, fine grain. Special treatment for cold swaging.
  • Marking: According to standard
  • Temperature range: -40°C - 150°C
  • Finish: Ungalvanised
  • Standard: EN 13411-8
  • Note: See the manufacturer's product data sheet below for guidance on dimension selection.
  • Warning: Swage terminals are not recommended for use on fiber core rope.


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